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Body Protection Vests & Safety Products for Horse Riding, Harness Driving, Playing Sport, Caring for Animals, Rehabilitating
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Custom Designed in Australia by Greg Childs, Professional Jockey with 31 years riding experience
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VIPA Body Protector

The VIPA Body Protector is designed for both female and male riders.
The VIPA Body Protector  is available in Black & Red.
The VIPA Body Protector  has been approved by the Australian Racing Board (ARB).
The VIPA Body Protector has been tested according to, and conforms with, EN13158: 2009 Standard Level 1.  This level of protection is required by horse racing throughout the world.
The VIPA Body Protector  is constructed using Air Mesh, a lightweight material chosen for it’s strength, that allows for ventilation. The Nitrex shock absorbing foam is especially designed to absorb impact when needed.  Air holes give extra airflow and ventilation for rider comfort.
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XX-SMALL                  64 - 74 cm                63 - 73 cm        33.5 cm        37.5 cm X-SMALL                  71 - 81 cm                68 - 78 cm        36.5 cm      40.5 cm SMALL                  78 - 88 cm                74 - 82 cm        41 cm      45 cm MEDIUM                  84 - 92 cm                81 - 91 cm        44 cm      48 cm LARGE                  91 - 101 cm       83 - 93 cm        45.5 cm      49.5 cm X-LARGE                101 - 110 cm       87 - 96 cm        47 cm      51 cm XX-LARGE                110 - 120 cm       92 - 102 cm        49 cm      53 cm
Sizing chart is a guide. It is worth nothing particularly for  Ladies, body protectors can fit larger than the chest range in the size chart suggests.  As  a general rule, we suggest that if the chest measurement is within the bottom half of the chest range indicated on the size chart, then drop down a size.
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Hand wash in luke warm water. Add a few drops of mild detergent and gently swirl. Rinse. Hang on a coat hanger in the shade and leave to drip dry.