There are three performance levels of  Body Protectors, the highest Level 3, is tested at the highest energy impacts. Body Protectors are designed for some protection from falling from a horse.


VIPA Body Protectors are annually tested to make sure they conform to the Standard they claim to meet, as required by Harness Racing Australia and Racing Australia. 


Confirmation of there approval can be found on there websites.



The VIPA Body Protector has a 12 month warranty and the zip has a 6 month warranty


Washing Instructions

Hand wash - 

Luke warm water - put in a few drops of mild detergent gently swirl the clothing in the sink - rinse - hang on a coat hanger in the shade and leave to drip dry



Level 1

This Protector provides a level of protection that is required by Horse Racing throughout the world.


Level 2   (For Horse Drivers and Passengers only)


This Protector is especially designed with a shortened  back, it does not provide adequate coverage of the back for Horse Riders.


Level 3

This Protector is the highest level in Horse Riders Body Protectors, it provides a level that is appropriate for horse riding and in competitions








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