I have been a Jockey for 31 years and ridden in many countries around the world with great success.

I had listened to all the complaints from my fellow riders and my children about other Body Protectors, too bulky, too hard and too stiff.

With all my riding experience and with race falls, I went about designing one that would give the Body Protector flexibility, freedom of movement so that you can move unrestrictive, but not compromise its safety standard, its made up of squares to allow movement and circulates air throughout each Body Protector to give rider comfort.

The VIPA Body Protectors give consistant performance in all enviroments


Whether you are Leisure Riding, Horse Racing, Show Jumping, Eventing, Bull Riding, or Harness Racing I have designed the VIPA Body Protector so you can roll with the fall.  

I have also designed other Safety products.


We have 5 different styles of Body Protectors to suit all 

levels of Riding, Driving or people working on the ground


                        VIPA GROUNDSMAN    




                                        New - VIPA SPORT         

                                  HAS ARRIVED


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Human Impact Engineering (Australia) is the Testing House that test the VIPA Body Protectors for consistent quality and also sample testing of the finished product to gaurantee its conformity with the level of standard that is stated on the VIPA Body Protectors



We at VIPA Tech recommend when horse riding the rider should wear the highest level of protection.





I have been wearing the VIPA Vest for a number of years and tested it out with a heavy fall recently, not only hitting the ground hard at speed, but also having the horse gallop on me. 

The VIPA Vest did its job extremely well, I was able to walk away from the fall with severe bruising only, it could have been much worse.


Melbourne Cup and Golden Slipper winning Jockey